"Yet another great book! The story is solid and fluidly moves from beginning to end." San Diego Book Review
Living in a Lie
Sara Blake’s lifelong friend, Darrel Emerson, begins his quest for fame, fortune and wealth as an investment banker. His first venture The Red Rover Project, nets him over a million dollars as wealthy investors buy into his scheme, a gold extracting machine.

Emerson leverages his profits by building an investment empire that triumphs well-established Wall Street firms. Throughout the 1980’s, his firm, Redstone Venture Capital, becomes the largest and most trusted investment bank in North America appealing to the wealthiest moguls throughout the world.

Sara and Emerson have many rendezvous’ over the years eventually getting married after their infidelity curses their earlier relationships. After five years, their marriage disintegrates as each one attempts to outfox the other in controlling their many investments and businesses.

Emerson plans to avoid prosecution by creating his biggest scam ever, escape from the government and his angry creditors. The investment con man proves to be very cunning in his getaway leaving all their debts with Sara as she sorts out the mess in the court system.

Who will prevail? Only the reader will find out.

Redmond Herring's second novel... Living in a Lie... emphasizes how unfair the judicial courts can be when the criminal has financial means to hire the best (not necessarily), the most influential attorneys that money can buy. Criminals who are found guilty in one court most likley will not be held accountable in another. History has proven financial criminals repeat their crimes without completing their punishment or paying restitution.

Innocent victims are chastised by the courts for being gullible and naive. I wrote this book to stress why 'a good deal' is probably a bad deal, for the victims.

Due diligence is good common sense.