Escape from Freedom

Eric Fromm is dead

Escape from Freedom by Redmond Herring
Social Injustice
When equals are treated in an unequal way

Divorce, Criminal Court, Civil Court

"This book is slated to be part of a ten book series, which Herring has already laid out. If you are looking for a mystery novel entirely out of the norm, Escape from Freedom should be at the top of your list." San Diego Book Review
Escape from Freedom is the vivid story of a faithful, perhaps naive woman, fighting to escape the abuse of her husband. Tormented by way of his greed, his faith and his hands for eighteen years, she attempts to flee and build a new life with her five children. Sara learns, like many victims of domestic violence, that getting away from immediate danger is only half the battle. Men and women shaped by corruption feel no compassion. The excitement is non-stop as Sara fights to escape the life that should have been her freedom.

The Blake brothers- and even Sara, are truly a metaphor for how corruptible our society can be. In witnessing the journey of these delightfully interesting characters one can’t help but question their own evolution and wonder what defects will stain their future.

But like every mortal soul, the characters in this story have to survive the trials and tribulations of everyday life. Even a respected 'Man of God' with a Master's Degree in Divinity will submit to the temptations of sin. His life, his family, his wealth and his inheritance are destroyed by a righteous indignation that repudiates the preacher's Sunday morning sermons.

Morgan Blake and his estranged wife, Sara Blake, must relent in their pursuit to surmount each other in their marriage dissolution, the custody of their five children and the division of marital assets. Is wanting money, evil? Or, is it the seed of the father that encourages his heirs to covet their inheritance which is lost in the legal battles to keep the family's wealth.

All characters in this book should feel contrition for their sins and abjure for their sinful ways.

Escape from Freedom is a fast-pace, truly suspenseful, intriguing, heartbreaking mystery novel.

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