aka... Redmond Herring, Mystery Writer
After ten years of witnessing unfair courtroom procedures and corrupt discrimination in four different state courts, the author became aware of the social injustice found in two county courts, two district courts and the 8th US District Court. As a legal advocate in matters relating to Juvenile Court, Family Court, Divorce Court, Criminal Court and Civil Court, Herring acquired an unique perspective to the unfairness of judges, prosecutors, public defenders and the Federal Government..

Realizing how the legal system influenced his personal fate, the author took notice to how social injustice effects everyone's life... criminals are exonerated after years of fighting the courts, families are broken apart by insensitive judges, minor legal violations escalate into capital offenses when the system fails to protect the accused.

Redmond Herring books are a collection of uncommon experiences that are outside the realm of an ordinary existence.

Best Protagonist 2014
Gerald Weaver, Author
Weaver began his writing career after spending 30 years working for others while dreaming of becoming a hero, mastermind and criminal lawyer. He has many intriguing and exciting stories that expose the unfairness of the legal system. Jerry has received dozens of compliments and praise for his mystery writing abilities.

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